When you are shit scared, but do it anyway.

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Sometimes, I feel very lonely. I am sure most of the people feel lonely from time to time as this is a universal feeling. But I had to act on it. So, I booked a bed in a backpacker’s hostel in my hometown for a single Saturday night.

While a lot of things have their dictionary definition, the way we understand and incorporate things in our life is very subjective. …

So, I will focus on other assets that generate positive returns

Being a financial content writer, I like to link everything to money from the price of the vase that I just bought to the negative returns of my dating life.

I fully understand that I can’t calculate the returns on dating, but if we could calculate it, I am sure that it would be in ‘red’ for me. And, for how many quarters will you keep laggards in your investment portfolio?

I don’t know about others, but dating in my late twenties (going 30) is hard. The cycle of…

And that was one of the best things that happened to me.

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I always used to have a lot of trouble making friends. Now, it is easy if I get like-minded people who happen to belong to the same age group. But, it is still hard.

However, most of my friends including my younger sister have a lot of friends. For a very long time, I considered my inability to make friends as a limitation. Something that I need to work on if I have to survive in this world.

I used to think that my introverted nature made the matter worse. …

My life has become better with these things.

I personally don’t like labels such as introverts/extroverts, type A/B personality etc. I believe that we are all evolving every second of our life. But I also know that I am an introvert and have been one for all my life.

Being an introvert is not a slur. There are many people who use the word introvert in a negative connotation. Like it is a disease that you need to get rid of.

And if you are an introvert, don't beat yourself up. If people say that you are unique and different, you haven’t found your kind yet. …

Why you should not make anyone the centre of your universe.

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We like to have everything in one package. Whether it is our phones or people, we try to find everything in a single entity. It is easier, isn’t? While technology has made the integration of different features seamless in a single phone, it may not hold true for people.

I just finished seeing the Bengali film, ‘Kadambari’ on Prime. The film is based on Kadambari Devi, sis-in-law of Rabindranath Tagore. The film beautifully portrays the relationship between the two. For me, it was a tale of a lonely woman who later commits suicide. Maybe it’s because Rabindranath Tagore (Robi) gets…

Be ready to be moved by brilliant storytelling. A tale of love, heartache and hope.

Have you ever read a book that emotionally drained you? So much that you had to coil up on your bed like a fetus with a pillow and sobbed like a child?

This is what this brilliant, moving book by Khaled Hosseini ‘And the Mountains Echoed’ did to me.

The book sat on my bookshelf (what I think is my bookshelf) for several months until I went on a digital detox when I didn’t have any other option than figure out what books to read…

I love gifting myself books. So, New Year’s I gifted myself four books. The Art of War was one of the books. I picked up this tiny book as I have heard a lot about it.

Sun Tzu wrote the book as a guide to winning wars. It outlines the different aspects that a general should do to win the war. It shows how to ‘defeat the opponent decisively and efficiently during fast-paced dynamic situations, within the constraints of finite human and physical resources.’

In the modern context, it has ‘influenced competitive endeavours in modern society across politics, sports, the…

In an earlier article, we have talked about how a savings account can be your number one option to build an emergency fund. Click here to read the article.

Opening a new digital savings account to build your emergency fund is easy. Building the required corpus from scratch may take some time. As an emergency fund is essential, it is best to start right away. Postponing it may cost you.

Once you have your brand new savings account and have calculated the amount you need to save, here are a few simple steps that you can do to build your…

Getting the first job after so many years of education can feel like a relief. You can now buy and do things that you could not dream about doing with your parents’ money. While it is okay to live a little in the first few months after your first job, but eventually you have to manage your money.

Managing money is one of the first steps in adult life. If you have just started working, here are the six common financial aspects that you can look:

1.Create an Emergency fund

An emergency fund is a must-have for everyone. Think of emergency fund as a…

In an earlier post, we have stated the importance of an emergency fund. Emergency fund is important as it can help you tide over emergencies such as job loss, urgent car repair or a medical emergency.

Typically, one should have at least 3 to 6 months of expenses in an emergency fund.

Looking at the current scenario, building an emergency fund has become the need of the hour. Savings account and liquid fund, a debt mutual fund are used to build an emergency corpus.

Savings account to build an emergency fund

However, if you haven’t invested in mutual funds and want a safe and secure option for…

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